Allegro DVT ATSC 3.0和DVB-HEVC套件

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  ATSC 3.0 Audio/Video System Streams

  -->Verify system compliance and robustness before mass-deployment to end users. Thanks to Allegro DVT system test streams, IC vendors, OEMs and broadcasters can be confident that their products will comply with today’s and tomorrow’s broadcasts.

  -->Allegro DVT system streams are specifically designed to ease system testing. They provide two levels of verification: quick visual check or in-depth and accurate analysis with measuring tools.

  These test suite supports the following audio and video compression formats:

  Video: HEVC Main/Main10 profiles for Legacy SD, Interlaced HD and Progressive resolutions with frame rates of 60Hz

  Audio: MPEG-H 3D

  H.265/HEVC Elementary Streams

  1、Unique Selling Points

  -->Avoids expensive re-design phases and shortens development cycles. Due to their high complexity, video decoders need to be extensively validated ahead of production.

  -->Strengthens the decoder against all encodings, existing or to come, to extend final products’ life.


  -->IP and IC vendors, system vendors (set-top boxes, digital TVs, smartphones, tablets, etc.).


  -->Elementary streams suite, each stream focusing on a specific video feature to allow fast and simple analysis of potential issues.

  -->Allegro DVT’s reference video decoder software to generate the expected decoded pictures.

  -->PES and transport multiplexing software (optional).

  -->Complete reference documentation.

  4、Technical Features

  -->Allegro DVT provides sets of compliance test suites. Each test suite targets a specific profile/level combination: