IPTV/OTT Monitoring Probe

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IPTV/OTT Monitoring Probe


StreamProbe is a full software solution for content QoS & QoE monitoring throughout the entire video service processing chain.

High density & scalable, hundreds of services can be monitored in parallel in a all-in-one or distributed architecture.




24/7 monitoring of the content QoS & QoE: received from contribution, prior & after encoding/packaging as well as from an end user point of view
Generation of Service Availability reports for SLA commitments
Live TS Recording for legal obligation and conflict/litigation proof
All services view at-a-glance: Live Thumbnail Mosaic



High density: hundreds of services monitored in real-time & in parallel in a single 1RU server; 10Gb interfaces supported
Scalable: from an all-in-one system to a fully distributed architecture
Software only: Linux OS, VM for virtualized environments
StreamProbe is a full SW solution for IPTV & OTT monitoring, providing one single consistent solution for QoS & QoE monitoring at Contribution & 

Encoding & Packaging levels! High density & scalable, hundreds of services can be monitored in parallel in a all-in-one or distributed architecture.


QoS MPEG-2 TS monitoring:
MDI: Delay Factor, Media Loss Rate, Delta (min, max, average), Drift & Period Drift
FEC support (packets recovered/lost), IP jitter
ETSI TR 101 290 Priority 1, 2, 3
PSI/SI repetition rates, scrambling
Bitrates: TS, service & service components, PSI/SI


QoS ABR monitoring:
HLS, MPEG-DASH: playlist integrity & network performance check
Manifest integrity check, content display & download
Profile information: availability, type, bitrate statistics, codec, resolution, base and relative URL, playlist content/format, chunk number, media sequence…
Chunk HTTP information: availability, length, bitrate statistics, playlist format
HTTP connection time statistics: connection, DNS redirection, upload, download


QoE monitoring:
Video monitoring: freeze, black screen, missing Intra detection
Video PID codec information: type, pixel format, profile, level, GOP structure and size, image count and weight, width, height, aspect ration, frame rate and type, VB delay
Audio monitoring: levels, silence detection
Audio PID codec information: type, channel number and layout, sample rate and format
Subtitles DVB and Teletext: decoding and display
Formats: MPEG-1 audio, MPEG-2 audio/video, H264 SD & HD, 4K, HEVC


Video Processing:
Live Thumbnail Mosaic:

All services view at-a-glance on a thumbnail wall, real-time update
Thumbnail display options: audio levels, subtitles, penalty box (ongoing alarm status)
Live service(s) streaming over low bandwidth links (service compression)

TS recording: on error or manually scheduled


CA Processing:
EMM/ECM: presence, repetition, bitrates
FTA <-> scrambled: transition timing detailed display


System Integration:
Configurable alarming thresholds: general and daily alarm profiles
NMS integration: SNMPv2 support for alarm traps
Monitoring information available via an open API (HTTP/JSON API)